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Teletech & Lorain County (REAL Team)

Leveraging Local, Regional, and State Partnerships to Win

Teletech moves to lorain county ohioOn August 8th, 2007 Teletech Holdings, Inc. announced the creation of 460 new jobs in Lorain County, Ohio at a gala press conference.  Teletech is a leading global business process outsourcing (BPO) company that provides a full range of front to back office outsourced solutions.  Via a multimedia presentation generated from both Lorain County Community College and the Lorain County Administration Building On October 18th, 2007; Teletech announced an additional 340 jobs, bringing their Lorain County total to 800+!  This is how we got there…

I appreciate the follow up.  Your group does a great job of responding quickly.
–Site Selection Representative “

Team Lorain County [TLC] was first contacted about this project on Wed March 28, 2007 by an International Site Selection firm.  In addition to looking for existing buildings they were also requesting demographic, wage and benefit info etc.  Through cooperation with its regional partner [Team NEO] and their research department, TLC was able to provide call center specific wage information that same day, along with all other requested workforce and site data.

March 28th, 2007 – Team Lorain County (TLC) is contacted by an International Site Selection firm looking for existing buildings as well as demographic, wage and benefit information. In cooperation with our regional partner (Team NEO) TLC provided the specified data that same day. 

March 29 – TLC informed we’re on the shortlist and the company would be coming for a site visit the following week. TLC and the Lorain County Growth Partnership activate a real team (Retention, Expansion, Attraction, Leadership Team). The team includes local government and business leadership, educational reps, regional and state ED partners. The project was given the code name, Project Talk-A-Lot.

April 4 [First visit] – Initial visit with Teletech representatives. Strong support for economic development and a strong business retention and expansion program, resulted with the company being greeted by 20+ HR managers, company presidents, community leaders, economic development pros and state representatives to make various presentations and answer questions. Afterwards, part of Teletech’s team stays behind for more in-depth human resource interviews while others are escorted to look at several buildings.

April 20 – Team Lorain County was told that they were on the short-list and to hold May 17th open for a second site-visit.  Several Teletech reps and their client reps flew their corporate jet into the Lorain County Airport where Team Lorain County picked them up.  Again the extended REAL team was assembled and the red carpet rolled out.  After a luncheon meeting, presentation and Q&A at the LCCC conference center, limo service was provided to our guests to tour the county and the site.

May 17th – Teletech and their client reps arrive in Lorain County. Again, the extended REAL team was assembled and rolled out the red carpet. After a luncheon meeting, presentation and Q&A period, limo service was provided to our guests to tour the county and the site.

LCCC had a marketing video put together in less than 24 hours, the Entrepreneurship Innovation Institute put together a compelling power-point presentation on workforce.  After the lunch and community presentation, several of Teletech’s team stayed at LCCC for more in-depth human resource interviews, while others from Teletech’s team were escorted over to look at several buildings in Lorain County. 

TLC and Team NEO were set up to act as Teletech’s point of contact and liaison with the Lorain County Growth Partnership’s REAL team, and met with Teletech again at the Spring CoreNet meeting.

On behalf of the site team that was so warmly welcomed to the area I want to thank you for sending the treats.  You and your team have gone above and beyond putting the OH in Ohio.  I am pleased to say that Lorain County is among our final two chosen locations and are in the process of being pitched to our respective client.
– Teletech Representative

Friday, June 29th – Teletech informed TLC that they needed the final incentives proposal by Monday, July 2nd at 5:00 p.m.

A series of phone calls followed and a phone call coordinate a conference call for 10:30 on Monday morning – July 2.  Again the local partners came together to work out the local and state incentives:

State of Ohio:     
$  311,273:  Ohio Job Creation Tax Credit  
$  122,500   Ohio Investment in Training Program Grant  
$  350,000   Employment Pre-Screening, Testing, and Recruitment Services  
$  783,773   Total Value of Estimated Incentives                                

Lorain County:   
Revolving Loan Fund up to $150,000 at 50% of prime for a term of 5-7 years.
In kind support from Lorain Community College and the Workforce Development Agency for your workforce training needs.

In addition to the incentives listed above, $155,000 of in-kind support from LCCC was going to be offered. 

A series of conference calls between the local partners (County Administration & LCCC) and Teletech’s Recruitment and Training officials took place to work out all the details to train 500 new employees, at no or low cost to Teletech. The County Administration building, offered office space and thirty-two laptops were provided where citizens could come in apply on line for a job at Teletech.   All of their hiring and assessments would take place at the County Administration Building with IT support from the county and the college. This allowed Teletech to move forward with hiring and training, while their building was renovated.

Through the Lorain County available buildings web site, TeleTech was able to find an existing building in Amherst, Ohio, that suited their needs perfectly.

August 8th – The public announcement takes place - Teletech was moving its client to Lorain County and bringing 460 jobs. Just two months later, on October 18th, Teletech announced that due to the quality of the workforce and talent of Northeast Ohio, they were expanding the original 460 jobs and adding another 340 bringing their total employment to 800. 

Lorain County understands that no one organization can do economic development and that it takes a whole team to create positive outcomes like a Teletech.  Because of our customer service, Lorain County was the chosen site. 

Teletech is one of the largest and most geographically diverse global providers of business process outsourcing solutions.  Teletech has a 25-year history of designing, implementing and managing critical business processes for Global 1000 companies to help them improve their customer service.  They serve approximately 135 global clients in the automotive, communications, financial services, Government, healthcare, retail, technology and travel and leisure industries.  They have over 50,000 employees across 88 delivery centers in 18 countries.

Let Team Lorain County put the REAL team process to work for you and/or your clients!  

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